KY26171AK02 DC12V to 30V LED Lamp Driver Output DC 9V-10V LED low voltage Power Supply for motorcyle

    Input voltage:  DC12V-30V (Max30VDC)/AC12-30V (Max60VAC); 50-60HZ

    Maximum input current 0.6A/12VDC

    Start current > 3A/12VDC (Cold start)

    Output voltage:  DC9V-10V

    Current: 280-300mA, 550-580mA, 900-1200mA (constant current output)

    Constant current accuracy ±5%

    Ripple, noise <50mV/0~45℃

    Output power: 6-15W

    Work efficiency:>90%

    Power factor: 0.92

    Output adjustment range:

    Start-up time <1.5S@220VAC IN, Io=100%

    Hold time >20mS@220VAC IN,Io=100%

    Protection function: short circuit protection/ No-load protection/ Over temperature protection/Overload protection


    Working temperature -25℃~+55℃/20%~90%RH (Non condensing)

    Storage temperature -30℃~+85℃/10%~95%RH (Non condensing)

    Size: bare board 26*17*12mm, With shell 40*27*22mm (waterproof; suitable for buried lights, underwater lights, etc.)

    Mounting hole: 45mm (center to center) M3 hole


    1. The yellow and black line is the input terminal (DC12V-80V), the yellow line is the input positive (+), and the black line is the input negative (-)

    2. The red and black lines are the output terminals (connected to the LED), the red lines are the output positive (+), and the black lines are the output negative (-)

    3. The specifications for high-power LEDs are as follows: The output can be connected to 1W high-power LED, 3 pieces of 1W are connected in series, the current is 280-300MA, the maximum is 1200mA

    4. Applicable to: LED car lights, flood lights, bulb lights, buried lights, underwater lights, spotlights and other lamps.

    Accept development and customization, please consult us directly .

    Direct E-mail : namic@kunlaelec.com