KY17-2.8AD01 17mm 7135*3 constant current dimming driver circuit,

    Diameter : 17mm

    Thickness: 1.2mm with double-sided immersion gold

    Total thickness : 5mm

    The edge of the circuit board adopts the copper foil process to directly connect the circuit compartment for conduction.

    Power supply : single lithium battery or 3AA. The best input is between 1v and the output is more than 0.2v. This section can be both efficient and constant current. Pay attention to the VF value of the LED.


    • With reverse connection protection : no current for battery reverse connection.

    • Power-off reset function: the power-off time exceeds 10 seconds and automatically resets to the first mode.

    • Under-voltage mode: Using a dedicated voltage detection chip, when the voltage is lower than 2.9V, the LED turn to low light and flash slowly as a prompt.


    With four groups of dimming modes: 

    • Set the group by short-circuiting the five-pin star on the back of the circuit board. As shown in the figure, connect the five-legged star marked 1 with the outer ring to two modes: 100% bright, 30% bright. Connect the five-legged star marked 2 and the outer ring to three modes: 5% bright-30% Bright - 100% bright.

    • Connect the five-legged star marked 3 with the outer ring to make the third modes: 100% bright - 30% bright - flashing. 

    • Default five modes: 100% bright - 30% bright - 5% bright - flashing - SOS.

    • Using a customized special positive spring with moderate elasticity, there is no need to worry about damaging the battery.

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