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AP008 Solar Powered Water aquarium Oxygen Air Pump Pond Aerator Aquarium Air Pump For Aquariums


    • Mini And Portable
      The air pump is a pocket size and lightweight, very convenient to carry and use.
      Impact-Resistant And Water-Resistant
      The solar air pump is constructed by premium material, which is environmental friendly, impact-resistant and water-resistant.

    • 3 Working Modes
      There are 3 different working modes for you to adjust, high gear, low gear, low gear with 10 seconds on and 10 seconds off. You
      can choose the proper working modes according different needs.

    • Solar Powered
      This air pump uses solar panel to absorb sunlight and then transfer solar energy into electricity. It is an energy-saving and
      environmentally friendly product.

    • Applications
      Widely used for adding oxygen into various aquariums, fish tank, pools, ponds, especially suitable for the power failure emergency oxygen increasing.


    Voltage / Capacity: 3.7v 3600mAh 18650 Lithium Battery

    Solar Voltage: 6v / 1.5w

    Solar Current: 420mA

    Air Pump Type: Dc Miniature Air Pump

    Air Pump Rated Voltage: 3.0v

    Air Pump Maximum Current: 450mA

    Air Pump Shower Sound: 60db

    Minimum Air Flow Of Air Pump: 0.5l-0.9l / Min

    Electric Circuit

    Operating Voltage Range: 3.0v-4.25v

    Maximum Working Current: Less Than 500mA

    Discharge Protection Voltage: 3.0v

    Charging Protection Voltage: 4.25v

    Working Time: About 48 Hours

    Charging Method: Solar Panel Charging (15h) / USB Charging (1a Charging) (5h)

    Item Size: 15.3*14.5*8.2cm 

    Package Included:
    1* Oxygen Pump
    1* Solar panel
    1* Air Pipe
    1* Three-way Connector
    1* Air Stone