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telescope Solar Camping Lantern with USB Power Bank
  • Detailed description
  • Functions & Features : 

    1,Lighting models:low-brightness ,high-brightness,SOS flashing.         
    2,Solar-energy and adapter 5V for power generation.         
    3,Change smart phone or digital products for emergency.         
    4,SOS emergency signal.         
    5,Can be used as flashlight without lampshade stretching.         
    6,With hanging handle.         
    7,Lampshade can be folded up,easy to carry .         
    8,Smart protection chip:over-charging protection,over-discharger protection and short circuit protection  


    • Product size: φ84.3x50mm
    • Specification of built-in battery:800mAh/3.7V Lithium battery   
    • Specification of charging plug:Micro V8 USB/5±0.2V   
    • External power input charge current:400±50mA   
    • Solar panel(7500W/M2):Poly-Si 4.5V(floating voltage)≥50mA   
    • Rated output load voltage(load 5000mA):5±0.5V   
    • Rated output floating voltage:5±0.2V   
    • LED specification :High Power 1W white light  90-140lm