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2018 Customized 2600mah Lipstick Portable Power Bank External Battery Charger for Smart Mobile Phones
  • Detailed description
  • Capacity 2600mah
    Material ABS
    Color white , black
    Battery Zhuoneng 18650 cell*1  
    Surface process UV+electroplating 
    Function Creative , Charing
    Output 5V 1A
    Input 5V 1A


    • 2600mAh power charger external battery bank
    • Durable, lightweight, ultra slim design
    • Powerful with long operation time
    • Electricity-saving function
    • User friendly, long cycle life and rapid charge

    How it works:

    • You need to charge the Power Bank fully before using it
    • To charge the power bank you have to use the cable provided with the Power Bank which you will find in the box. You can use this cable with the plug from your phone charger for example or any other USB port plug. Just insert the USB end of the cable provided into the plug and place the other end of the cable into the “5V” IN outlet on the Power Bank
    • A Red Light will appear on in the Power Bank which shows it is charging. The red light will go off when the power bank is charged.
    • Once charged you can now use the power bank to charge your phone and other digital devices
    • To do this, just use your normal phone charger cable or any other digital device USB cable and insert the USB side into the “5V” OUT outlet on the Power Bank and the other end into your phone/ digital device
    • The Charging icon will appear on your phone/digital device to show it is charging.