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Solar Powered portable Inflatable Solar Lantern
  • Detailed description
  • Inflatable Solar Lantern


    Solar inflatable lanterns are reachargeable and packable widely used in sports & outdoor activities, garden & swimming pool decorations as tools & home improvements.

    Powered by solar battery charging systerm, camping lanterns outdoor are easy to recharge and workable suatainablely.
    Three gears make it dimmable to adapt to any environment.
    Repellent and foldable solar power lanterns are not only lights, but also emergency devices.
    Solar rechargeable lantern, energy saving and dark brightening.
    Battery: Lithium-Polymer Ion
    Weight: 85 grams
    Dimensions (inflated): 11cm*11cm*11.5cm

    Pack Size (deflated): 11cm*11cm*2cm
    Output: 8-10 hours at 30 lumens on HIGH; 14-16 hours at 15 lumens on LOW
    Charging: 7 hours of sun
    Storage and Battery Function
    The battery is similar to a mobile phone battery and was specifically chosen for its energy storage capacity and quality. It can hold a full charge for over 4 months but it is recommend that the battery is fully charged before storing for an extended periods and charged every 1-2 months to keep the battery in optimum condition.
    ALL Outdoor Activities, camping, travelling, clumbing...etc
    Package incluede
    1 x outdoor solar light