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Solar Camping LED drift bottle Light Outdoor Camping Hiking Night Lamp
  • Detailed description
  • The input voltage is 5.0 ± 0.2V
    Charging interface V8
    Low light (maximum) Luminous flux ≥ 50Lm (lumens) (depending on battery power)
    Highlight (Highest) Luminous Flux ≥100Lm (lumens) (depending on battery power)
    Low-light full-time use ≥ 12 (H)
    Bright full use of time ≥ 5 (H)
    The maximum charge current ≥ 180mA
    Outside the internal battery is full of time
    1: 3 - 5h, USB charging is red, full power is green
    2: monocrystalline silicon solar panels charge, 55 hours to fully charged
    The overall service life of 3 years
    Built-in battery specifications 1000mAh / 3.7 polymer lithium battery
    Waterproof grade IPX7
    Product Size: 100 * 167MM
    Product Weight: about 200G