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Garden solar wall lamp for free lighting
  • Detailed description
  • 2015 garden solar wall lamp for free lighting  
    Product Description

    Product Features
    1. body sensors and light control sensor combo design
    2. charging during the day and storage, night lighting
    3. full day daytime electric lighting for more than 12 hours
    4. waterproof rating IP64, heat-resistant, durable
    5. Energy Smart
    1. Activate Product: Please insert On/Off hole tact switch with pin pin configuration
    2. Install products: expansion screw configuration will be light body mounted on the outdoor wall
    3. Charging: solar energy during the day light will automatically charge the storage, place the lamp so that the solar panels facing the sun to charge the battery better
    4. Induction Night: Night, LED light will start their own micro-light mode lighting, intelligent power
    5. High brightness mode: When someone activities nearby lamp, it will trigger light, highlight mode automatically
    Note: The first time you use when your device is fully charged. If the LED is flashing pattern is repeated, indicating that the product is in low power mode need to be recharged. When the sun intensity is weak, the battery in a long time.