LY20-1.75AD01 Single mode 7135*12345 XRE Q5 T6 XML2 U2 infrared LED strong light flashlight driver


    • PCB thickness: FR4 1.2mm

    • Product diameter: 20mm

    • Working voltage: 3-4.2V constant current suitable for 18650 26650 etc.

    • Function: Single gear , anti-reverse connection (battery installation does not work if the positive and negative poles are reversed)


    • QX7135 is a LED constant current driver with low dropout, linear step-down, and fixed output current. In addition to LEDs, QX7135 can form a constant current output LED drive circuit without external components.

    • QX7135 has a built-in overheating protection function, which can effectively protect the chip and avoid damage caused by overheating when the junction temperature exceeds 120oC. QX7135 also integrates LED short-circuit protection and power supply under-voltage protection. In addition, QX7135 comes with a soft start function.

    • QX7135 can provide multiple specifications of output current for customers to choose, the output current can be from 100mA to 380mA, the step length is 10mA, and the current drive capability of the LED can be expanded by multi-chip paralleling.

    • QX7135 adopts SOT-89-3 package form.

    Recommended combination suggestion: 

    (default single 7135 current 350MA)

    7135*1 /Current 350MA /1W 1W high power lamp beads

    7135*2 /Current 700MA /2W R2 XBD 1-3W general lamp beads infrared lamp beads

    7135*3 /Current 1050MA /3.2W R2 XPG R5 XRE Q5

    7135*4 /Current 1400MA /5W XPG R5

    7135*5 /Current 1750MA /6W T5 T6 XML2 U2 XPL2

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