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AP003 Outdoor Portable Solar Oxygen Air Pump with Rechargeable battery Air Aerator Compressor Kit


    • Made of high quality ABS material, tough and durable.

    • Elegant color and stylish design.

    • Powered by solar energy, no battery or electricity needed, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

    • Built-in 3600mAh high capacity battery, it can work constantly for a long time up to 14 hours once it get fully charged, meanwhile, this air pump can be charged by DC power with USB cable.

    • Technologically advanced design offer smooth, quiet operation.

    • Perfect air pump to add water movement and oxygen in the fish tank to increase the health of water and give your fish a comfortable environment, improving the overall health of the aquarium.


    Material: ABS

    Solar panel: 6V 3.5W

    Power : <0.8W

    Battery: 3.7v, 18650,4000mAh

    Solar panel: 6v, 3.5w

    USB cable: DC5V, 1A

    Air volume: 1.2L/min*2

    Solar charging time: 3-5 hours

    Working time after fully charged: 24 hours

    3 Working modes: oxygen supplying all the time or intermittently ( intermittent aerobic, continuous aerobic, automatic aerobic ) 

    Waterproof: waterproof

    USB cable length: 1.5m

    Product size: 103*83*40mm

    Package Included:
    1 x Aquarium Air Pump
    1 x Solar panel
    4 x Mats
    1 x Belt buckle
    1 x Air stone
    1 x USB cable
    1 x Valve
    1 x Tube
    1 x some screw
    1 x User manual